Consider the Lemming…

…when considering some things that are happening in this world. After a week away in the Västerbotten mountains and without television, I’ve listened to the mayhem of worldly actions on the radio and have felt a bit like a lemming.

I would venture in saying that, like many others in the world, Swedes are a pack of mutual admirers without the ability to say, “The Emperor doesn’t have any clothes on!”. Seemingly, they enjoy being acceptable and having the same beliefs and expectations of this order.
resize-of-dsc_0058.JPGPhoto: A Scandinavian lemming
Unfortunately, they are too ready to place criticism into a rhetorical corner and willingly discuss problems for, literally, years without reaching results nor conclusions nor positive changes.

Therefore, the lemming. A week in the mountains gives a distance to this circus. But I sometimes think that it’s only a matter of time that we all will run until we find that cliff to jump off of, possibly be pushed off of. Or, is it closer than we can imagine?

A small reflection…perhaps we need more courageous little boys and less lemmings?

5 thoughts on “Consider the Lemming…

  1. What the world in general needs is less of this mentality. Especially over in the USA is it becoming the norm rather than the exception. I mean, the Bush-administration is seriously saying that the country shouldn’t criticize the president, despite him completely FUBARing everything he comes close to. They’re sprouting all this crap about how “everyone should stand behind their president, if not then they are unpatriotic”.

    Yet no one says a peep. Everyone just turns on Fox News and keeps on drinking the kool-aid.

  2. I couldn´t agree more. The latest thing I heard was that Carl Bildt thought of USA:s use of waterboarding as a form of rough treatment. Waterboarding is in fact full blown torture, nothing more, nothing less. It has been said to simulate drowning. This is only rethorics becase waterboarding is in fact extended controlled drowning. There is nothing simulated about it at all since water actually pour down into the lungs of the unfortunate victim. Calling it simulated is only an effort in trying to make it sound less horrific and get it accepted. Well, our current government did not condemn the use of this method so I assume that it supports this use of torture. I wonder if they too fell for the rethorics or if they actually know what it is about?

  3. This site is never to intentionally be gender sensitive nor discriminating. That a “boy” should be courageous was solely in reference to Hans Christian Andersen’s story about the boy shouting that the Emperor was actually naked. All purely metaphorical. So, get out there and start shouting…

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