Retirement Insurance…

…can be a familiar topic of discussion to many of us in the world. Especially after the recent economic depression and new predictions being made for another upcoming economic problem… not to mention the upcoming outcome of Swedish elections.

But, in northern Sweden, retirement insurance brings about a whole new concept. With sub-zero temperatures banging on doors during the long frigid winter months above the Arctic Circle, fear of living in a cold house at an old age can be bone chilling. Some can still remember stories of older people, unable to move out of the warmth and protection of thickly piled bed covers, living in a cold house and not having fuel to burn. Or, for that matter, not having the strength to gather fuel for winter.

Older people’s fear of freezing to death, all alone, can be real!

Photo: Stacked firewood waiting to warm a house

So, just as we finished laboring with some 11 cubic meters of birch firewood and neatly stacked this supply under roof, we considered the economic warnings, politics and our age and decided to invest in some “good old retirement insurance” in the northern Swedish tradition. This last week came still another truck load of birch to our doorstep. This, too, will be cut, split and stacked as time draws on.

Photos: From the truck…
…ready to be cut, split and stacked

Admittedly, our retirement insurance feels pretty good. Even better when the stuff is stacked drying and ready to use should we for some unlucky reason not want to freeze to death. And, just like gathering peat on Shetland, this warms the body twice.

Could this be better than a bank? Talk about giving yourself a bonus? Think about it. Retirement insurance is good to have!

2 thoughts on “Retirement Insurance…

  1. Wow, how long did that take to chop and stack? And what did you use – chainsaw or maul?

  2. Depends on what else I have to do. A month, maybe. Cut with a chainsaw in the pile as it was delivered, wheelbarrow to hydraulic splitter, thrown in a pile to dry during summer and stacked at end of August. All quite simple…after thirty some years doing it. It’s the stacking part that’s getting tiring and boring. This year we expect to get 34 cubic meters “long firewood”. It’ll last a few years…. Thanks for asking!

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