Seals ‘n Sails…

People are often similar to some animals that can be found on Shetland…

They can sit all peacefully in the sun until…

…others think they have a better right to the beach…

…then, using cunning and strategy…

…push the peaceful little guy off his place…

…only to start the whole process over again!

SAILS – This last week, Scalloway was visited by the Swedish school ship “Gunilla”. It is a wonderful sight to find three masts sticking up from a pier. The Upper Secondary School students had Open House for the local schools and, later, everyone else who were curious. boatgunilla02I was guided by Susanne, who brightly answered all my questions about the ship, living conditions, how they work shifts, climb the masts and set the sails and how she was very happy to be a student in the “Ship & Maritime” program at the school on Ökerö.


She was a first year student and they would be at sea for three weeks. When she is in her third, and last, year they will be out for 6 months. boatgunilla03

If I had my druthers, I would like to try sailing before I get too old.


Shetland is often visited by school ships. The Norwegian school ship comes by to Lerwick’s Victoria Pier quite often during good weather. These ships are just magical when seen!



…then, again, Shetland’s sailing culture can be magical!

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  1. Hej, från ett hav(Bottenhavet) till ett annat. Firas det midsommar i eran omgivning? Vi har gjort det. Sill o fotboll, pizza i bagarstugan och nästan midnattssol.

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