As Hard As It Is…

…to imagine, we’ve been busy. The weather has sometimes whipped and beat the island, the rain has swelled the small burns and haphazard ditches; once only scratches on the crust of the ground, but rapidly becoming white and prominent with frothing water. The water reservoir for Lerwick’s drinking water was often overflowing, when we drove by to work at the museum reception or the archives.

sandart01Photo: Sand art! But, how did this happen? (answer at end)

mailbeachvyPhoto: Mail Beach

For a few weeks, now, we’ve felt the sense of spring coming nearer. Today, was an almost detectable sense of early summer. The daffodils, often found thick in gardens and yards, but even unexpectedly found in ditches or on the edge of burly fields of heather, are intensely holding their breath for the right time to explode into gold.

Even though they forgot their beach balls, blankets and parasols, the seals were the only ones sunning themselves at Reawick Beach today.sealsonbeach01

So, with a child-like feeling, we went to the beaches today. What else does one do with a hardly noticeable breeze, +10 degrees (though most likely more) and the sun shouting “Get Out! Go somewhere! Don’t sit inside!” So, that’s exactly what we did, and came home red-faced from the day’s outing.
springfeelings01Photo: Spring feelings and being a kid
spiggiebeachvyPhoto: Spiggie Beach
nestinggulls01Photo: The gulls are planning how to arrange the furniture for the soon-coming little ones

Answer: Seaweed, stuck in the sand, is blown in circles by the winds

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