Shetland Ponies…

shetlandponywinter05 …is a topic I haven’t really covered, though I have a past as a horse owner. Unlike sheep, who usually dash away when one approaches, Shetland ponies usually come towards you. They somehow think they are going to get treats or food. Taking candid pictures of them lying down or peacefully eating is difficult since their friendly curiosity draws them to you like small furry magnets.


I don’t like using a telephoto, but I guess I’ll have to try. Still, they see you coming, take a couple of minutes to think about what you’re planning to do, then amble towards you. Maybe they like having their picture taken?


Unlike the Shetland ponies I’ve had the displeasure of knowing in Sweden, often spoiled, undisciplined and wanting to bite, the ponies on Shetland are absolutely sociable and lovable.


They are outside all year around. Their fur becomes thick in wintertime. Some are very clean from the rain and wind and some can be very muddy and untidy with tangled manes. So, it’s exceptionally nice to find clean ponies like these.


Can you tell which pony is only a foal? It was a nice wintry day again and I hope you enjoy these images! Shetland’s ponies are really really …cool!

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