Shetland Has Sandy Beaches…

…that probably could make a few world-renowned vacation spots green with jealousy. Shetland has sandy, pebble and boulder beaches that can be found along some 1500 km of coastline. All depending upon your choice, there are patches of different beach to be had for that special outing and a day’s relaxation.

Just this year, four Shetland beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award by Keep Scotland Beautiful, a charitable organization to improve and sustain the environment of Scotland through a variety of projects. Three beaches on Shetland, Sands of Breckon on Yell, Tresta on Fetlar and West Voe are new to the awards, but a recurring award winner is the tombola-style beach at St. Ninian’s Isle. The largest in Great Britain with a length of appxm. 500 meters.

Photo: The beach at St. Ninian’s Isle stretches eastwards towards mainland Shetland

When driving to the St. Ninian’s Isle parking lot, just below the village of Bigton on the western coastline of south mainland, the beach stretches itself out towards the island with ocean waters on both sides. A tombola is a small spit of land or beach connecting an island with its mainland. St. Ninian’s beach size became even more greater and impressive as one advances towards and starts walking on the beige-white sand.

St. Ninian’s Isle itself is an archaeological object of interest. By its name, the isle has a Christian tone to it, but evidence of Neolithic graves have been found underneath and within the walls of a 12th century chapel on the island. It was this same chapel that the so-called St. Ninian Treasure, a collection of silver broaches and ornaments from Viking times, was found under a stone slab during an archaeological investigation in 1958.

Photo: Remnants of 12th century chapel at St. Ninian's Isle, Shetland

Photo: Remnants of 12th century chapel at St. Ninian's Isle, Shetland

Photo: St. Ninian’s Isle Beach stretches towards the island itself

Well worth a visit, don’t you think?

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