Shetland Weather…

…is brutally renowned for forceful North Sea winds and walls of rain showers tearing into the tiny islands and its inhabitants. Ever since we arrived, locals have made shrugging comments with slight intonations of apologies for a lesser attractive climate.

But, this year has proven this rule to be temporarily wrong. As locals speak of the damp windy weather of Shetland, their eyes can light up and add “…but May was super”! Media has commented that this last July has been the warmest since 1904 and spreading rumor is pronouncing a Shetland summer better than can ever be remembered.

Yes, we’ve had wind and rain! And, no, the temperatures haven’t hit the high twenties in Shetland. But, we’ve had many memorable sunny walks and fantastic sunny mornings and have really enjoyed the privilege of two white sandy beaches near our house and a nearby Atlantic coastline.

Perhaps normality will return as we venture closer into the fall. Perhaps we’ll experience normal Shetland weather soon or blog about how wet the days are later. But, until then, allow me to show panoramic Shetland pictures from our afternoon walk today. Enjoy!

Photo 1: WHALE WICK, where we often pass on walks

Photo 2: Almost an image of Padjelanta…RUFF LOCH.

Photo 3: More than 20 miles west of Burra Isle and often lost in the mist, FOULA shows itself to the mainland.

PS– Sorry, Anna! You’re in our thoughts!

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