Jeppe, the Jeep…

…was again feeling a little under the weather. Last Friday, Jeppe cracked his right-front brake pads and needed immediate attention. Some Jeeps can be such big babies when sick! But, when in another country, Where does one find a reliable Jeep doctor to take care of a loved vehicle?

Burra Isle, on central mainland Shetland, has a small auto service shop and filling station. So, I took Jeppe to the emergency ward at BURRA MOTOR REPAIRS and had Jim take a look at the broken pads Monday morning. Jim started right in with repairing and ordering the necessary parts. This would take a couple of days, since Jim had a Citroen, in the bed next to Jeppe, who also needed attention.

Photo: Jeppe is really happy with Burra Motor Repairs, Shetland

In the meantime, I was allowed to use a small Fiat until Jeppe was well again. This morning, I picked up Jeppe, who was very happy to see me and all anxious to head out on an adventure. The surgery went very well and both Jeppe and I are enormously pleased with Burra Motor Repairs and Jim’s capable hands and professional service. ( I never had another car service provide me with a reserve car for the price of the gas I used…and repair costs were very very reasonable comparatively)

So, if you’re driving on Shetland and your car needs care, I want to recommend Jim and Burra Motor Repairs for great personal service and competent care. Jeppe can only agree with me!

PS– The sign is missing the letter “s” in repairs

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