Small Communities…

… can easily allow for the development of new and innovating ideas more so than larger ones. Often small and unnoticed, these good ideas could be a hot tip for other communities and can be put into effect most anywhere. And, what more can be of interest to other communities than another novelty idea for diminishing carbon footprinting with plastic shopping bags?

In Shetland, at the Lerwick Co-op food store, customer alternatives to plastic shopping bags are the self-service type often found at the end of the check-out counter or “bring-your-own” bags. But, if you’ve forgotten the latter alternative, shoppers can buy (10 pence) large sturdy plastic bags at the counter. Now, this may not be news to many, but the really cool idea with these stronger plastic bags is that, when they wear out or handles break, you can return and replace the bag for a new one… at no extra cost!

At most grocery stores, selling wines and liquors off the shelves seem to be a normal expectation. Again, purchasing a few bottles of your favorite chardonnay, aged scotch or even several liters of milk cartons means carrying these in plastic bags. Well, again the local co-op provided free carrying bags specially made for bottles and/or similar cartons. These work extremely well for shoppers. For more info about U.K. Co-op and its use of plastic bags see…info

Or, there are fine examples of small local Shetland grocery stores going the whole way. They simply stop providing plastic bags altogether! Now, that was an interesting idea, wasn’t it?

So, think about these little ideas and go to the grocery or liquor store of your choice and suggest they do the same or similar. Then, as a consumer, consider your own plastic bag habits. Perhaps they need refined?

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