First Week in Shetland…

…and this astounding place is already making me forget my camera! I mean, when in a place like this, there are pictures to be taken to share with the world out there. But, alas, I left the digital at home as we went to Scalloway to visit an advertised event at the NAFC Marine Center (North Atlantic Fisheries College) called “The Sea Around Us”.

With the Atlantic Ocean practically at our doorstep, we felt that it would be wise to become acquainted with this new environment. Besides, after a week on Shetland and never being more than 3 English miles from a shore, it could be handy to learn about what is under the surface of an ocean.

When we first came to the designated house at NAFC, we immediately noted the sound of many people inside. Especially children. And, as we first peeked into the doorway, there were several large tanks of water that people were hanging over. Hmmm, What could be in these?

We quickly took a look. Here was a gigantic display of…fish. All kinds of different fish life that we had only seen on Discovery Channel or someplace. Now, they were there in real life.

It wasn’t the fish life found in the Little Lule River in Jokkmokk nor anywhere near our subarctic lakes. We could get close to such things as live halibut and cod, some sort of stingray and really ugly beasts with vampire teeth, which were strong enough to crush mussels and other hard-shelled crustaceans, called “Wolf Fish”.

Besides beauties like octopus and, believe me, fish that I have no idea what they were, we strolled over to the fish tank that was most popular. It was the “Touchy-Feely” fish tank. A hands-on experience for young and old.

Have you ever stuck your hand into water to pat a sea urchin? Or felt what a live Velvet Crab feels like? In this tank everyone was allowed to pick these creatures up and get a feel for them. I always wanted to know what it was like holding a starfish. And, a Sea Cucumber was a little stiff but soft. I was a kid going to a zoo for the first time again.

It was here that I realized I had left my camera at home. Sadly…sadly…but, Brita reminded me of my new mobile phone and its camera.

Great! I whipped this out and took 26 pictures of this salty experience. All I had to do was to transfer the files from the phone to my computer….uh…uh…? It didn’t work. My computer doesn’t have the correct application for transferring.

So, rule number 1? Don’t ever forget your camera. Rule 2? Don’t underestimate Shetlands potential for interesting activities where you could need a camera. Rule 3? Don’t be afraid to touch some sea animals…but not Wolf Fish!

PS- As conciliation, allow me to give a lone kayak in a big puddle of water and Shetland’s shore. Enjoy-

5 thoughts on “First Week in Shetland…

  1. Spännande berättelse. Låter absolut som en sevärdhet. Det jag dock fann mig själv fastna och reflektera över mest i historien berör Britas kamera telefon. Vart/när/hur kom den till? Det gör mig näst intill chockad att höra denna nyhet. 🙂

  2. Uh…in the story, I specifically told about MY new mobile phone with its camera. Otherwise, who knows what Brita may decide to collect in the future? Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hej Brita!
    Tack för det fina vykortet som kom idag.
    Hasse kom med det till Gamla Apoteket där jag jobbat hela dagen.
    Om man vill skicka snigelpost till er, vilken är då er adress?
    Kram Kerstin

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