2 People and A Sabbatical…

…is one way of starting a blog about our Great Adventure this coming year. So far, this last month has be intensely hectic and I haven’t had the time to update information.

If one would start listing everything that had to be carried-out and done before leaving on a sabbatical, the list would be a month or two long. These last three weeks have seen major projects started and completed in our preparation to leave for our year on the Shetland Islands; an excitingly new and different place that is easily recommended to learn more about.

This last month has seen Brita ending the school year in Jokkmokk as she steadily collected household possessions for a year’s storage or junked and diminishing our amount of “could-be-good-to-have-someday-stuff”. A job that took all her after school free time but that she did a splendid job with.

Photos. Before/After. The freedom of little possessions.

I have engaged myself with taking this “stuff” to re-cycling in up to 10 large trailer loaded trips and re-modernizing the root cellar of the house, which required major brick and mortar work, an improved water system and new wiring.

Then, two days before we planned to leave, our wonderful supporting companion Jeppe decided he wasn’t quite prepared to help us with our sabbatical and, in order to do his best, wanted a new water pump. Where does one get a new Jeep water pump in Jokkmokk a few days before Sweden belches out it’s national vacation month?

Luckily, I found one in Umeå and, luckily, everything worked with getting it to Jokkmokk. Jeppe got his new water pump the very morning we were to leave for Norway. We sincerely want to thank Nya Bilcenter I Jokkmokk, Micke and Michael, who laid everything aside to give Jeppe the help he needed. Thanks, guys!

Photo: Departure day 27-06-08. “Jeppe” gets his new water pump.

After this operation, it was home…pack the car…make sure the house was prepared for our tenants and drive to Umeå. In the coming days, we are heading from Umeå westwards to Trondheim and, later, southwards towards Bergen, Norway and the ferry that takes us to Scrabster, Scotland.

Photo: With Jeppe loaded, the Great Adventure can begin.

…to be continued

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  1. Nästan så man blir lite rörd av se övervåningen helt tom så där…Känns något overkligt!

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